The Difference Between a Freestanding Range, Cooktop, and Slide in Range

The kitchen is the place from where great tasting things come, making it the most loved place for many people. A great number of hours are spent here, and much of this time is purely dedicated to the task of cooking food. A trustworthy kitchen range is what makes all this possible. In the developed world, a kitchen stove is a necessity, no matter who you are; a professional chef or a housewife.  The questions is, what type of stove is best for you and your home?


How Cooking Ranges Changed with Time

The invention of the first kitchen range is credited to a man named Benjamin Thompson who designed a machine that could produce heat and could also be modulated. He continued reinventing his design until he came upon a brick structure that had some of the same basic components of a modern range: a metal plate that could heat up pots and kettles, and even an oven-like metal roaster that was built into his model.

England embraced the idea of this efficient design, and it gained immediate popularity. With time, the stoves became smaller, ran on different kinds of fuels, and became more accessible to middle-class households. Gas and electric stoves were introduced in the 19th century, and since then, they never lost their popularity.

Now you can find so many varieties of ranges in the market, partly due to their long history, and the many lives that had a part in improving the quality of the products they offered. Today ranges come in many different shapes and sizes. Let’s look at the popular types of stoves, and discuss what makes them so special.

The Freestanding Range


Freestanding models are the most commonly purchased stove type as they are affordable and are usually the least expensive type of range. They are stand-alone models that don’t need to be attached to kitchen counters as they have a complete, finished look. This means that there are no installation costs, and with the variety out there, there is sure to be a freestanding range that will fit any empty space in your kitchen!

An example of a great freestanding range is the GE Profile™ Series 30″ Free-Standing Electric Convection Range with Warming Drawer that has received constant praise from its users. In addition to the fact that the heat distribution is constant and even in every component of this machine, it also has a self-cleaning function, a fast preheat mode and a delay bake option.

A Slide in Range

A slide-in model is designed in a way to ‘slide in’ to your kitchen counters and cabinetry. The sides do not have a finished look unlike the freestanding models, so they need to be sandwiched in between your kitchen countertops. An advantage to this is that they are a good fit, so they are easy to clean, and you won’t have to clean any spills and food that falls through gaps like the freestanding types. They also fit into the kitchen better as they are a built-in part of the continuous line of your countertop. They are however usually more expensive than freestanding models.

The Samsung NE58F9710WS 30 Inch Slide-In Electric Range is commonly thought to be one of the best slide-in ranges on the market. It has a great stainless steel finish, and has duo oven capabilities as its inner compartments can be split using creative dividers, and therefore food can be cooked simultaneously at different temperatures. That’s innovation at its best!

Cooktop Ranges

Another great option is a cooktop range. This means that the traditional stove top is added to your kitchen as a separate component to the wall oven (which a kitchen should already possess if this option is to be pursued). It gives the kitchen a cleaner, sleeker finish as it can be added to the top of your cabinetry, and allows you the freedom to place it at any height that is comfortable for you. This is also a slightly pricier option as there are installation costs involved, and you still need to budget for another separate oven component.

A cooktop range that is highly recommended is the Bosch 36″ Gas Cooktop 800 Series NGM8655UC because of its price and great features. It’s equipped with five powerful burners including an 18,000 Btu central burner that speeds up cooking time. This option truly has a sophisticated feel but is also satisfyingly affordabl


There is great diversity in the types of ranges out there, and you are sure to find a perfect range for your kitchen if you carefully compare the prices, the functions and the finished looks of all three types mentioned above.